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We use the latest physician-assisted ARTAS iX® Robotic Hair Restoration System to identify your optimal hairs to use for transplant.

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Men from all over Texas visit our hair restoration practice for our robotic hair restoration procedure. Take a look at the ARTAS iX robotic hair transplant results.

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Alpha Male is Houston's premiere hair restoration practice. Specializing in hair loss treatment, we help men regain their confidence in a comfortable and discreet environment.

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By age 35, 67% of men suffer from hair loss or male pattern baldness, and by age 50, that number jumps to 85%. Learn how we can help you restore your confidence - Continue Reading

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The ARTAS iX System

Feel years younger with ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant. This FDA-cleared, physician-assisted technology provides permanent and natural-looking hair restoration. Learn More

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NeoGraft Advanced FUE

Our hair restoration treatments and robotic procedures offer noticeable, permanent, thicker visible hair growth starting at six months with continued growth over time. Learn More

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The slow and insidious loss of hair in both men and women can change their social circles greatly.

First impressions are important in today’s world, and the thinning of hair or a receding hairline can impart an older and less youthful appearance. This can cause loss of confidence in a patient, or lead then to utilize other cover up techniques, which may not be the best choice.

With the new technology now available which can transplant single and double strands of hair, a patient can regain the anterior hairline or gain greater density in their scalp which can simulate nature and avoid the “Barbie Doll Hair” that was the stigma of years gone past.

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